The Best Social Selling Channels for 2024

Alright, picture this: you’re scrolling through your phone, hopping from one app to another. Notice something? Yep, each platform has its own vibe, its own kind of crowd. And that’s exactly where the game of social selling gets really interesting in 2024.

LinkedIn? Oh, it’s still the go-to for B2B social selling action. It’s like walking into a room full of professionals, all ready to talk shop. Share your insights, join the conversation, and keep it professional. It’s the perfect spot to build your rep as an industry thought leader. And with a tool like Sales Navigator? It’s like having a GPS that leads you straight to your next big opportunity.

Now, don’t forget about Instagram. It’s like the glossy magazine of social media. High-quality photos, behind-the-scenes stories, quick, snappy Reels – it’s all about giving people a peek into your world. And with those shopping features? It’s like window shopping, but you can actually buy that cool thing you just saw without ever leaving the app. Engage, show some love back, and make your followers feel like they’re part of your journey.

So, you’ve heard about TikTok, right? Oh, it’s not just for dance challenges or lip-syncing anymore. It’s like this magic wand for brands. Create catchy content like short video that hits just right, and bam, you’re in the spotlight. The trick? Be real, be you. People can sniff out a hard sell from miles away. Make ’em laugh, think, or go “aww,” and they’ll be hitting that follow button faster than you can say “viral.”

But hey, have you checked out the new kids on the block? Discord and Twitch aren’t just for gamers anymore. They’re like these cool underground clubs where communities thrive. If your crowd hangs out there, why not join the party? It’s all about creating that close-knit vibe, where you’re not just a brand but a part of the gang.

Here’s the thing about social selling in 2024 – it’s not just about showing up; it’s about fitting in. It’s like being invited to different parties, each with its own dress code and playlist. Your job? Know the crowd, hit the right notes, and dance like nobody’s watching (but, you know, they totally are).

So, whether you’re sharing wisdom on LinkedIn, capturing that Instagram-worthy moment, crafting that perfect TikTok video, or diving into the world of Discord and Twitch, remember: it’s all about connection. Be genuine, be engaging, and above all, be yourself. That’s how you’ll not just capture attention but hearts too.

And there you have it! Social selling in 2024 is your playground, especially with Vsbl as your social selling platform and ally. So go ahead, explore, experiment (and make mistakes), and find out where you shine the brightest.