Top 7 Social Selling Mistakes Your Team Should Avoid

Social Selling is a vital part of modern sales, but it’s easy to make mistakes. In this article, we’ll explore 7 common errors to avoid.

Whether you’re new to selling with social media or want to refine your approach, keep reading to discover mistakes to steer clear of and how to sell B2B on social media.

Mistake #1. Overcomplicating Social Selling

This mistake often arises from the misconception that social selling should involve complex strategies or intricate tactics. Overcomplicating B2B social selling can lead to various negative outcomes, including:

  • Complex strategies overwhelm sales teams, hindering engagement
  • Complex tactics may seem insincere, eroding trust
  • Intricate strategies consume time and resources

To simplify social selling, encourage authentic conversations, define clear objectives, and streamline processes. Also, continuously assess effectiveness and eliminate unnecessary complexities to ensure a more straightforward and effective approach.

By avoiding the mistake of overcomplicating social selling, your sales team can foster more meaningful connections with prospects and increase their chances of meeting sales goals effectively and authentically.

Mistake #2. Inconsistent posting

This inconsistency can result from irregular, random content sharing, accidental engagement with prospects, or unpredictable posting schedules. Inconsistent posting can have several negative consequences for social selling efforts:

  • Infrequent posts erode trust, credibility, and decrease your Social Selling Index
  • Inconsistent posting lowers chances of staying top-of-mind
  • Irregular engagement leads to missed connections
  • Valuable content goes unnoticed without consistency

To dodge the mistake of inconsistent posting in social selling, follow these strategies: create a schedule for social media posts, utilize Vsbl as a social selling platform for scheduling and consistency. Additionally, you can delegate social media management to team members, emphasize valuable, high-quality content, and track metrics to optimize posting times.

Mistake #3. Unclear unique value

This mistake arises when sales teams do not effectively communicate the distinctive advantages and benefits of their products or services to potential clients. Unclear unique value can have detrimental effects on your social selling efforts and sales goals:

  • Prospects may overlook your offering, leading to lost sales
  • Unclear value hinders progress in conversations
  • Poor differentiation can harm your brand’s competitiveness
  • Lack of clarity weakens prospects’ trust in your credibility

To avoid the mistake of unclear unique value in selling with social media, clearly articulate your offering’s distinctiveness, adapt messages to audience needs, use evidence to support claims. Working with teammates, you can ensure team-wide communication of the value proposition and gather input for ongoing improvement to avoid this mistake.

By preventing the mistake of unclear unique value, your sales team can create more compelling and persuasive social selling interactions, leading to increased trust, engagement, and successful conversions.

Mistake #4. Reactive social media presence

This mistake often stems from neglecting to maintain a proactive (instead of reactive) and engaging presence, causing your brand and sales representatives to fade into the background of your target audience’s feeds. Becoming less noticeable can have detrimental consequences for your social selling and sales goals:

  • Reduced visibility leads to missed opportunities
  • Prospects may forget your company and offerings
  • Infrequent engagement can weaken trust
  • Active competitors gain an edge in prospects’ minds

To avoid becoming less noticeable in social selling, maintain a regular posting schedule with Vsbl as a social selling tool. Don’t forget to actively engage in discussions, share diverse content, incorporate visuals for attention, and adjust your strategy based on audience metrics.

By becoming more noticeable, your sales team maintains a strong online presence, fosters trust with prospects, and increases the likelihood of achieving your social selling and sales goals effectively.

Mistake #5. Underutilizing content

This mistake often results from overlooking the potential of repurposing, sharing, and leveraging content in various ways to engage prospects and provide them with valuable information. Underutilizing content can lead to several negative consequences in your social selling efforts:

  • Not reusing content means missing chances to engage clients
  • Creating new content instead of using existing assets is time-consuming
  • Ineffective content use restricts audience reach
  • Repetitive content can bore and disengage your audience

To dodge underutilizing content in social selling, review existing assets, adapt content for different formats, balance new and repurposed content. Moreover, it’s important to align sharing with audience needs, and ensure your sales team effectively utilizes available resources.

By avoiding the mistake of underutilizing content, your sales team can make the most of existing assets, enhance engagement with prospects, and streamline your content creation efforts for a more efficient and effective social selling strategy.

Mistake #6. Ignoring personal networks

When your company’s focus is solely on the its official accounts and followers, that neglect the extended networks that team members have cultivated. Ignoring personal networks can result in various negative consequences for selling on social media and sales goals:

  • Neglecting personal networks leads to missed connections and leads
  • Over-relying on official accounts restricts your audience reach
  • Personal connections hold more trust; ignoring them diminishes authenticity
  • Team personal networks are an untapped asset, hindering sales efforts

To keep from ignoring personal networks in social selling, encourage team engagement and provide guidance for effective utilization. Consider promoting content sharing, encouraging sharing personal insights, and tracking personal network engagement to inform your strategies.

By avoiding the mistake of ignoring personal networks, your sales team can tap into a valuable resource, extend their reach, and build more authentic and meaningful connections with potential clients, ultimately contributing to meeting your sales goals.

Mistake #7. Overemphasizing company voice

Often, sales teams place too much focus on conveying the corporate message rather than allowing individual team members to connect authentically with prospects. Overemphasizing the company voice can lead to several negative consequences in your social selling efforts:

  • Impersonal content hinders prospect connections
  • Excessive corporate voice can erode trust
  • Focusing on the company message hinders personal relationship building
  • Corporate emphasis reduces audience engagement

To avoid overemphasizing the company voice in social selling, promote authentic team communication, tailor messages to prospect interests. The main purpose is to showcase team members’ individuality, humanize your brand with behind-the-scenes content, and establish balance guidelines for messaging.

The net of it is that people want to connect with people. A “company” is sort of abstract and its voice is by nature artificial. By dodging the mistake of overemphasizing the company voice, your sales team can foster more authentic, personal, and meaningful connections with prospects, ultimately leading to stronger relationships and greater success in meeting your B2B social selling and sales goals.

Wrap Up

Achieving social media selling success hinges on avoiding common mistakes that can hinder your sales team’s effectiveness. By prioritizing simplicity, clear communication of unique value, and consistent engagement, your team can build trust, nurture relationships, and stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities and make Social Selling work for you. Try these strategies and Vsbl, as your social selling software today and experience the difference!