The Critical Importance of Staying Visible

Ask anyone responsible for B2B sales marketing and they will likely agree – calling on customers to buy your product or service when you want to make a sale is simply not how it works. The critical element for success is to ensure that your company’s offering is properly positioned for consideration when the customer is ready to buy!

Advertising & Marketing teams have long focused on brand and impression based campaigns to help ensure potential customers are aware of the offering, its features and what makes it unique. This is generally achieved through paid placement advertising strategies ranging from broadcast television, radio, magazines, events, email, SEM, display banners and increasingly digital platforms like podcasts, youtube and… the B2B megaphones – LinkedIn and Twitter… (depending on your offering, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram are also high value platforms).

These Social channels have proven value beyond other traditional methods and shown real opportunity for companies who seek to inform the decision makers of their potential customers.

B2B Marketers leverage these Social Platforms in 2 ways –

1. Building a communication channel by tirelessly seeking to add more followers

2. Paying these platforms for the privilege of access to targeted marketing communication tools

In Option 1 – There is a drive to add new followers to a monolithic communication channel that must be shared by all departments. The greater the accumulated audience, the higher potential someone will be paying attention when messages are posted. This approach is valuable for announcements and for broadcasting communications. It is often not conducive to 2 way communications though and can become saturated with many messaging needs across divisions and products.

In Option 2 – Paid placement tools provide either reach by Impression or Action based campaigns. These Campaigns can provide a reliable path to introduce your offering to prospects for the 1st time or to continue to nurture them through retargeting. The controls and targeting are great, but access to these audiences is expensive and lacks authenticity.

I’d like to present a 3rd option – At Vsbl, we realized that one of the most valuable and fertile channels for B2B marketing is completely ignored by most marketing teams. Literally, there are thousands of high-value contacts that go untouched every day. This marketing channel is waiting, primed and ready. It only needs you to recognize its value.

I’m talking About Your Team’s Peer Networks

The professional networks of your sales team and other employees are full of trusted peer connections – many of which are industry related.

Additionally, if you look at their feeds in general, you will find there is usually very little unique activity.

LinkedIn Like ExampleAt best, you will mostly find “likes” of company posts on the posts of their peers. You will almost never find product messaging or subject matter that raises the visibility of the offering they are charged with selling.

That is exactly why we created the Vsbl Platform. In minutes, Vsbl enables you to load campaign creative for existing assets or create unique campaigns and then notify your team members that they can (and should) access the promotion and post to their networks. Sales teams see the value immediately and engage because they recognize the critical importance of staying visible.

What’s more, there is no platform cost for the impressions or clicks. The targeting needed for success was always an asset with your reach… For FREE. I suggest you sign up for a quick demo or even create an account today and see how easy it really is to leverage the untouched gold mine. Thanks for listening!