What Are The 8 Key Social Selling Metrics to Measure Success?

Social selling is kind of like being the cool kid at the digital party. You’re not just there to sell; you’re there to mingle, make friends, and eventually, those friendships turn into sales. But how do you know if you’re really the life of the party or just standing by the punch bowl talking to yourself? That’s where measuring your social selling success comes into play.

Let’s chat about 8 key metrics that are like your secret party success sensors, without turning this into a dull list.

Top 8 Social Selling Metrics Success

First off, think of the Social Selling Index (SSI) as your overall party score. Platforms like LinkedIn give you this number to show how well you build your brand, find the right folks, engage with content, and make those all-important connections. A high SSI? You’re basically the party MVP in B2B social selling.

Now, onto engagement rate. This isn’t just about who’s liking your posts or dropping emojis. It’s about meaningful chats and interactions. High engagement means your conversations are so interesting that people can’t help but jump in. It’s like being in a lively discussion at a party that everyone wants to be part of.

Lead conversion rate is up next. Imagine you’ve invited people to a more exclusive after-party (aka your sales funnel). This metric tells you how many of those invitees actually show up. The more, the merrier, right?

Network growth rate shows how fast your circle of party-goers is expanding. But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about adding anyone and everyone. It’s about connecting with the right people who really get the vibe you’re going for.

Then there’s reach and impressions. Reach is about how many unique people see your party invites (engaging content), while impressions are about how many times your invite pops up. Together, they give you a sense of whether your party is the talk of the town or if it’s flying under the radar.

Click-through rate or CTR on shared content is like checking how many people actually took the time to read the details on the party invite you handed out and then decided to show up. High CTR? Your invites are irresistible.

Response time to inquiries measures how quickly you get back to people who’ve asked about the party. Fast responses make you look like an attentive and welcoming host, which is always good for your rep.

Lastly, there’s the ratio of content shared by the audience. When people start spreading the word about your party on their own, that’s when you know you’ve nailed it. It means they’re not just attending; they’re telling everyone else this is the place to be.

Vsbl – Your Social Selling Platform

These eight metrics aren’t just numbers. They’re insights into how well you’re doing at the social selling party. Are you the heart and soul of it, or are you just lurking in the corner? By keeping it casual, using Vsbl as your social selling tool, and focusing on genuine connections, you’ll not only measure your success; you’ll feel it.