Low-Hanging Fruit: Leveraging Your Most Under-Utilized Asset

As social media strategists, we see many articles that are written about “How Often Businesses Should Post to Social Media” and the like. There is no question that posting frequency is important, because freshness and recency of content is paramount. There are other critical metrics that get a lot of press as well, such as “likes” and “shares.”  We would never denigrate those types of metrics.

However, there is some “low-hanging fruit” that is not often being discussed: the opportunity to leverage your team members, the biggest advocates for your company, in social media. Is your team equipped to post about your product or service, on brand, with enough frequency to matter?

Think about it: Your team members (especially sales team) already have a curated direct connection with many people in your business space such as prospects, customers, competitors, and thought leaders. These important contacts may or may not be “following” your company, so they may not ever see any of the company level posts that you make.

Sure, your team members can “Share” the company-level posts you make, but those posts usually feel one-dimensional, inauthentic, and frankly, uninspiring.

There are several reasons why your team members don’t take it to the next level with their posts: they don’t often have the right tools, it’s very time-consuming to do it right (meaning posts they DO make are off-brand and off-message), and frankly are not able to put together appealing posts with visual content. And the most frequent reason that we hear that affect both quantity and frequency of posting: they’re just BUSY and everything else seems to be a higher priority.

Let’s address these one at a time.

  • There are tools available, but they are typically cumbersome and complicated to set up, and often very expensive.
  • For team members without tools to create on-brand and on-message posts requires grabbing assets like your logo, and an on-brand background image, distilling messages from current campaigns, knowing which landing pages to send people to, and on and on.
  • And they ARE busy, but it’s more likely they aren’t posting because it’s HARD.

For all the reasons above, we created Vsbl: a tool that allows your team members to post to their own personal social media accounts in 5 easy steps in under ONE MINUTE.

Each post is on-brand and on-message, because the Vsbl admin sets up each promotion with visually appealing background images, multiple message options that the user can choose from. Then the system overlays the image with the chosen message in your on-brand font style, adds your logo and the link to the landing page of your choice automatically, and packages everything up so the user can finalize the post quickly and easily.

The administration of Vsbl is almost as easy as posting, with a paint-by-numbers approach that will not take much of your valuable time either. Vsbl is designed to easily complement your current campaigns – you have already developed the imagery, branding and messaging and Vsbl allows you to reuse and leverage these assets to reach the potential new eyeballs quickly.

On-brand, visually appealing posts with nuanced messaging in under 1 minute? That’s Vsbl.