Is Social Selling Better than Cold Calling?

Not-So-Ancient History vs Today

In the good ol’ days (say 10 years ago), cold calling was a standard sales tactic. With enough persistence, salespeople could get prospects to answer their phone (finally!) and meet to discuss upcoming purchases or projects. Sales management mantras included the familiar “up or out” approach: either the prospect was moving through the funnel and passing the company-designated checkpoints or else was deemed to not be worth the time.

Everyone understood that cold calling was a standard weapon in the salesperson’s tool belt. It was also understood that it was inefficient. But there were few alternatives.

If you cold call now, what happens?

  • You waste time leaving messages
  • There are few real opportunities to discuss product benefits and features with prospects
  • You miss opportunities to make sales and build a rapport with prospects
  • You might get some brand impressions
  • You may get some sales rep name recognition, but it is not guaranteed

Although it is not generally recognized, the Internet did salespeople a favor. It has changed the way prospects make purchasing decisions – they now typically drive the process themselves (in no small part to avoid the pesky cold calls 🙂  ). Nowadays, prospects:

  • Almost completely ignore their phone and cold unsolicited emails
  • Do online research to find companies that might meet their needs
  • Evaluate companies that they are considering online
  • Reach out to vendors that are on their target list
  • Ultimately, schedule the steps needed to finalize deals

In today’s world, if you don’t make the ‘short list’ compiled by the prospect, you may not know there was ever an opportunity!

So, if you want companies to find YOU and curate your business before they “raise their hand” that they’re interested, what can you do to BE THERE, to be “Top of Mind” when that time comes?

Embrace Social Selling.

Social Selling is a fundamental change in approach to the sales process that embraces the idea that prospects now drive the sales process, not salespeople.

What is Social Selling?

We believe there are 3 key components – pillars that support Social Selling success:

3 pillars representing the key components of social selling success

  1. Prospect-Relevant Content: The marketing team delivers relatable and meaningful content to sales team members for posting
  2. Consistent Quality Posting: Sales team members post insightful and helpful content on a regular basis to stay Top Of Mind for prospects.
  3. Authentic Personal Engagement: Sales also nurtures relationships in social by building credibility, establishing a rapport with prospects, and practicing social listening.

Why Social Selling is Better than Cold Calling

The results of effective Social Selling:

  • Sales reps don’t have to focus on generating business
  • Salespeople don’t waste time chasing prospects that aren’t interested
  • Sales reps get to focus on the real tasks of closing business
  • Sales reps form deeper, more authentic relationships with prospects leading to more sales
  • Prospects can respond and engage when it is convenient for them
  • Prospects feel like they have control of the sales process, and enjoy the process more as a result

LinkedIn research supports social selling:

  • 92% of B2B buyers are willing to engage with a sales professional who is perceived to be an industry thought leader.
  • 90% of top salespeople use social selling tools.

Now is the time to embrace Social Selling with Vsbl to take your sales to new heights. (You didn’t want to cold call anyway, right?)